Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Helmets, Monsters and Mayhem....

I am part of a group of women who are mages, but dress up like witches or hogwarts teachers.... there is going to be a witch/mage convention in our town, and the headmaster/lead guy person was going to be there to watch the kids in his own daycare.
One of the people who came to the convention had created a working Helmet that merged Magic with Tech, and allowed me to wear it, basically test drive it. It was the ONLY working prototype, and they hadn't even tested all of its functions.
I was going to show it to the headmaster guy, and on my way there, turned on the X-Ray vision, and recording capability, and saw two of the school kids (a pair of end year students, or just a couple of kids, perhaps not even from our school...) making out in a broom closet. haha.. .blackmail. Well, the headmaster guy i catch up with while all these little toddlers are running around him, and babies crawled around... I showed him the helmet, and he was all like, "looks good. go test it out. hey. what's that?" and points to something that looks like a funnel cloud coming out of the blue sky.
I turned the helmet on full bore, and saw that it was giant monster/robots coming down out of the sky. They were all differant colors, blue, yellow, red, etc. Some were Multicolored, and no, I have not SEEN skyline, but I heard about it. I saw that the monsterbots were beating each other up, and destroying our little convention at the same time... curse them!
I activated spell after spell in this helmet, and information and directions popped up on my Heads Up Display (aka a HUD), with spells that I could use and such. I saw in 360deg, in front as well as in back that is. I was hopping around the feet of the monsterbots, but they were trying to stomp on me. I couldn't do anything to save the city, but I could find out what these critters were, and to get away from them and regroup, I dove into the nearby lake/large body of water.

Then my boss called me into work because she was sick, and i couldn't finish my cool ass dream. piss.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spiders...large and small

I've been dreaming about spiders a lot lately. Probably because of that damn Harry Potter. haha.

The latest one was where this tarantula sized spider (but not a tarantula) was hanging by its web, and jumped at me, so i smacked it with my hand. It bounced back, bounced off a wall, and continued to leap at me, so I just basically played Handball with it, smacking it back against a wall, having it bounce back at me, then hit it again. then i woke up.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Presidents, Death, and flash mobs

I was in a caravan who was hauling President George Washington (yes, the guy with the wig) around campaigning for president in the modern age, along with Abraham Lincoln. I know, they were like, dead in real life, but again  This is a dream.
We went to a church, like one of those open-door spiritualistic ones. The building was big, open, like a group hall or basketball court/gym. George wanted to take a nap, and Abe wanted to go check on the living conditions of the slaves in the area... slaves.. O.o?
George goes to bed, and everyone in this church is like 'he's dying! let us pray for him'... and they were saying things like 'oh god our father, please keep Washington alive for us, he is the father of our country and what will we do without his guiding hand..' blah blah blah...
well, I'm watching this whole thing, thinking that, dood, he's already been dead for a few hundred years... and Lincoln was like, 'it's about damn time, stupid wig... get me some of that tobacco' ... i just knew that was what he was thinking...
Washington is laying in a bed, covers pulled up to his ears, still wearing that powdered wig. All these 'spiritual' zealots around him praying, Lincoln looking at his watch, like 'hurry up and die already, I gotta go to an election' And i'm there thinking, wtf.

Demons and Asians?

There is a large building, in a village, where I had been before, in another dream. This building I know houses a kind of demon that is equivalent to satan. So we added an extra 5 feet of front to the building, so people could still go there to 'worship', but not release this beast upon the world.
I tell someone who is asking about the false front, and somehow, I know that this guy is that demon possessing the man. He looked like a normal Asian man, in a Kimono and carrying a cane with some obscure object on the top of it (i couldn't tell what exactly it was, but it was white). His face began to change, and the visage was that of Charles Bronson.. ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000314/ )
Across the town from the 'temple' was a huge pit that was a building at one time, but was then turned into a strip mine, with a bridge that crossed it. in the pit were paved stone paths, and I had fallen into the pit before, so i knew it hurt like a bitch to fall into it.. however there were a bunch of kids that were jumping into it. They knew it hurt, but they seemed to be laughing and having a good old time... down from the masochistic kids were cultists who were throwing themselves face first into the pit, arms out, and landing flat on their faces.
I watched with amusement, not horror, as the charles bronson demon guy stood there, with me, saying they were throwing themselves into the pit for him, even the kids were, but the kids didn't know who it was that enticed them to the edge..
I laughed at him, saying that of course, he should have the dumb ones on his side, not the ones who knew better.
then he said something to the effect of  'you jumped into the pit once, too.. who do you think gave you that idea?' That kinda creeped me out, but I was like, "yeah, but i got out, and now know better."
then i got this really creepy feeling that he was pissed as hell at me and was about to do something, but I woke up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Foompa Foompa Foompa

I used to live in the sandhills of Nebraska, and south of our house, on a hill, was a blowout. A Blowout is an area of ground where a cow trail has been eroded by wind, creating a hole in the hill of nearly pure sand. (picture to the left). 
Went to the blowout in a terrycloth bathrobe, the kind you get in fancy schmancy hotel or spa. I have my hair up in one of those big white towels as well as a face of green mud mask. In the blowout is a hot tub, and across from it is a rain forest. don't ask me why there is a rain forest in the sandhills of Nebraska. It's my dream. just wait.
I soaked down into the hot tub, still in my robe and towel and mask, and over the air I hear the voice of Richard Kiley ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Kiley ), stating:
"The Male Silver-back gorilla has been taken by poachers and sold to the Chicago/Boston zoo. As the Male Silver-back gorilla grew up in this harsh environment...." And here I see a gorilla in a zoo setting, in a huge city. The gorilla is fed through the bars by the zoo's visitors, and the things it is fed are not what you would consider 'quality food'. During this whole schpiel, I am thinking to myself, "WOW! Dad would LOVE this nature show!" And, "Scratchey would be watching this!" 
now, Scratchey was a dear pet, half dachshund, half beagle.  He was two dogs long, half a dog tall, and thought he was a Doberman. He LOVED and I mean LOVED watching nature shows on TV with us, especially monkeys. 
Well, the dream continues, as I say to myself, "Dad and our dog would love to know these fun facts about a male silver-back gorilla"... well, Richard, you sweet old voice-over man, states, "The Male Silver-back gorilla was not taught that thumping his chest was a way to establish dominance in the Zoo. He was taught to use large plastic trash can liners..... " 
AT This point, the gorilla pulls a trash bag from behind his back and has it scooped full of air, and twists closed, making an impromptu 'foompa' balloon. you know the kind that has a rubber band handle that you bounce off your fist.. the kind of toy you used to be able to get in the aisle of a grocery store, and were like trying to blow up a hot water bottle when you wanted to inflate it. 
THEN the gorilla does just that, bounces it back and forth on his fist, "FOOMPA FOOMPA FOOMPA" sending the other gorillas into hiding.
Richard Kiley then states, "The Male Silver-back gorilla has had a bad diet, being taught to only eat items like grape jelly...."
The gorilla, sitting there, looking at the camera, pulls a jar of grape jelly from behind his back, scoops out a fist full of the stuff, then smears it all over his teeth, into his mouth, and around his lips. His face is now sticky and purple, and is grinning like a ninny... foompa foompa foompa. 

"The Male Silver-back gorilla also eats one quarter of a ton of bananas during his time in the Bronx Zoo" says our ever knowledgeable Kiley. 
The gorilla tosses the jar of jelly over his shoulder, then brings out a banana. He peels it, then does the same with the fruit as he did with the jelly, smearing it in his mouth, around his teeth and over his lips and face... foompa foompa foompa.
  I am still laying there, in the hot tub, soaking in hot water, in the sandhills, and I do not really notice that I am not watching TV, but am sitting at the zoo, which is bordering on a rain forest somewhere in Africa. 
wearing a green mud face mask.
spouting the kudos to such a wonderful nature program.
in a hair towel.

"The Male Silver-back gorilla has been taken from its only home its ever known in the Bronx zoo, and returned to the wild jungles of Africa. His mother, the Female Gorilla, is angry that her son has picked up such horrible habits from living in a zoo." Says our wonderful narrator.

OUT of this jungle steps a WOOKIE, wearing an apron, with a bow in her hair, and a rolling pin in one hand. She shakes the rolling pin at the male gorilla, who seems to be chastised by his mother, the wookie, then pulls out that big trash bag, fills it with air, and again, 


then i woke up.

The Decimation...

deci·mation n.
Usage Note: Decimate originally referred to the killing of every tenth person, a punishment used in the Roman army for mutinous legions. Today this meaning is commonly extended to include the killing of any large proportion of a group. Sixty-six percent of the Usage Panel accepts this extension in the sentence The Jewish population of Germany was decimated by the war, even though it is common knowledge that the number of Jews killed was much greater than a tenth of the original population. However, when the meaning is further extended to include large-scale destruction other than killing, as in The supply of fresh produce was decimated by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, only 26 percent of the Panel accepts the usage.

An unknown force, I cannot say now what it was, but I knew what it was in there. In my mind, wiped out cities. Any city with a population of over 100 people in them. Any city that had businesses. People who were in those cities, if they did not flee those places, those businesses and homes, they would be killed. No if's and's or but's.

A person.. me in my dream...is in that city/town visiting from being away for a long time. I know how to escape, I know how to catch a horse and ride away..

i know what people will say, a horse in a dream, or riding of a horse, means sex.. but i was dreaming anything BUT about sex.. it was more like calm decisions in the face of terror. terror of knowing people were dying, and buildings.....

Buildings were being torched from a gigantic .. thing.. be it an alien craft, or dragon, or military weapon... People in all of these cities are killed, but no emotional ties make me feel sadness.. in my dream. I am able to help a man who asked for help, but he was able to only ride a mule, or a donkey. 
We are able to escape, and find a stream, one that ran close to the city that had once been a dry creek, or river. Before this .. Decimation.. that river was also heavily polluted, being used for sewage and such. When we escaped the destroyed city, I knew in my mind, that the water had been made pure to drink.

I knew, in my dream, that all over the world, the cities burned, and were rendered to what it was before people binged upon the land. Green meadows, and forests rose up instantly where there were once skyscrapers and subways, cars and airplanes. I knew all of this as our horses/donkeys drank from the water of the now clear river.

I also knew, however odd this sounds, but it is one of those things that happens in dreams, that major electric hubs were available still, as was the internet, cell phones, and world wide communication was available. Computers, internet was all available.

People couldn't really retaliate, since no one could retaliate... there just were no more cities. Cars and motorcycles, destroyed, but there are buses, trains, large semis for hauling of goods. But there are NO BIG CITIES OF ANY KIND.

People have to learn how to hunt, farm, barter. The dollar system is gone, but goods are traded so people have to rely on each other for survival. 

My dream takes me from the Decimation of the planet, to survival by using knowledges that I hadn't known before... and some I had known.